JCIS Transportation Subsidies

JCIS Transportation Subsidies

Any JCIS member school may apply for a transportation subsidy to help cover the cost of one or more delegates from the school to attend a TYPE ONE or TYPE TWO workshop at a distant location sponsored by another member school or by a job-alike group. “Distant” is defined here as 100 or more kilometers away.

The amount of the subsidy shall be 20,000 yen per school for workshops that are more than 100 kilometers away or 30,000 yen for workshops that are more than 400 kilometers away.

Approved subsidies will be paid directly to the school. The same school may receive a transportation subsidy more than once, but no more than three times, during the academic year subject to anticipated availability of funds.

Application Procedure

Those interested in applying for a JCIS Transportation Subsidy can submit an Application for Transportation Subsidy a minimum of two months in advance of the event, subject to an understanding of the above conditions, .

Grants that meet the above conditions will be funded up to a maximum of 500,000 yen for one academic year (September to June) or 1,000,000 yen over two academic years.