Inclusion Framework

Inclusion Framework

The JCIS Inclusion Framework provides a shared understanding and commitment for JCIS member schools towards cultivating inclusive school communities. It seeks to balance aspiration with practicality, in recognition of the different needs, contexts, and organisational growth requirements of JCIS member schools. The JCIS Inclusion Framework is growth focused rather than standards based.

JCIS Vision for Inclusion

School communities where people are valued and treated fairly, enabling them to develop a strong sense of belonging through mutual understanding, respect, and acceptance.

JCIS schools commit to:

Knowing Diversity
We develop sensitivity to the diverse backgrounds, perspectives, experiences, identities, and needs of people in our communities.

Connecting Inclusively
We create opportunities and spaces to actively engage with people in our communities, in view of their diverse and intersecting backgrounds, perspectives, experiences, identities, and needs. We communicate openly and respond to multiple perspectives with consideration and empathy.

Engaging Equitably
We challenge biases, prejudices, and discrimination in our communities, giving voice to multiple perspectives, particularly those underrepresented.

JCIS facilitates member collaboration and ongoing professional growth around:

Systems, Structures, Processes

  • Develop organizational systems, structures, and processes that embrace and adapt to the diverse backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and needs of people in their communities
  • Challenge biases, prejudices, or discrimination in their communities

Learners and Learning

  • Advance teaching and learning practices that respond to learner diversity, include different voices, and adapt to a range of backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and needs
  • Deliver an education that enables learners to develop capabilities for navigating diversity and difference constructively

Community Engagement

  • Engage with various members of their school communities through a partnership built on dialogue and mutual understanding, utilising a suite of communication methods and channels in view of different communication styles
  • Continue to construct diverse, inclusive, and equitable school communities

Download a visual representation of the framework:
JCIS Inclusion Framework